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Get Treated is here to automate your entire medical travel process, from getting an estimate to your final appointment and departure.
“medical travel made simple”
Tired of emptying your wallet for medical operations?
Get an Estimate for easy & affordable medical travel options!
We specialise in Dental procedures & Cosmetic surgeries.
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“The surgery went very well, better than I even imagined it. The surgeon who operated was very well experienced and educated along with his team of nurses and anesthesiologist who made sure the procedure was extremely safe and  even pleasant.” – Sasnuhi, California, USA

“It was reassuring that they placed a lot of focus on making sure I was fully healed before releasing me.” – Paula Der Matoian, California, USA

“The doctor was very professional, efficient and quick” – Gunter Reif, Austria”

“My experience with GetTreated organising my rhinoplasty in Armenia, followed by 10 days of rest at a spa nestled in the Armenian highlands was unforgettable. Hassle-free, friendly and efficient service, and my new nose? Just love it – thanks guys!” – Patrick, Montreal Canada

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