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Yerevan, December 27, 2017

The following are the terms of a public service provision agreement between GETTREATED CJSC, and individuals wishing to receive a service through www.gettreated.co.

  1. Concepts used in the contract: The following terms, as used in this agreement, have the following meanings:
    1. Contract: this Agreement is a contract for intermediary services.
    2. Commissions: amounts paid by the Customer to GetTreated for intermediary services.
    3. Website: the GetTreated website is www.gettreated.co.
    4. Provider: Legal entity and / or individual entrepreneur, registered in the Site, Client-service provider.
    5. Service: a service provided by the Supplier to the Customer.
    6. Offer: Information on the type, price and other terms of the Services provided by the supplier, for a public offer on the Site to address an unlimited number of persons.
    7. Company: a legal entity representing the Supplier's service within the Contract and providing the Customer with a Mediation Service, hereby, is a GETTREATED CJSC.
    8. Customer: any natural person who accepts the terms of this contract.
    9. Order: Acceptance of an Application from the Customer through the Site, and also Consent and Reservation.
    10. Parties: GetTreated and the Client shall also be referred to as the "Parties" and individually as the "Party".
    11. Foreign currency: currency other than Armenian Drams.
    12. Titles: All titles used in the Contract are for convenience of the reader and can not affect the interpretation of the Contract.
    13. The other concepts that are contained in the Agreement are interpreted by the Parties in accordance with the Agreement and the RA legislation.
  2. Contract subject:
    1. Under the terms of the Contract, GetTreated provides the Customer with an intermediary service within which: The Customer accepts the Order based on the Terms of Service offered on behalf of the Service provider on the Site, GetTreated will negotiate and agree to terms of purchase with the medical services provider, on behalf of the Client, discuss and agree all Terms of Purchase to confirm the customer’s reservation. Receive payment by the customer for the services provided.
    2. GetTreated’s rights and obligations on behalf of the Client immediately arise for the Customer and the Supplier.
  3. Signing a contract:
    1. The service Order on the Site is executed electronically.
    2. The Client selects the Services that are necessary for him and ticks the "I agree" button in front of each selected item on the list.
    3. A full and unconditional consent to conclude a contract is the payment made by the Customer in accordance with the procedure specified in 7.1.1.
  4. Company's rights and obligations
    1. Company has the right:
    2. To request payment from the client for the service and Commissions within the timeframe and order specified by the Contract.
    3. To request accurate, reliable information regarding the type of Service required from the customer.
    4. To refuse to fulfill the Contract if the Customer violates payment order and terms.
    5. The Contract shall be terminated at any time by Fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the commencement of the Submission of the Services to the Client in writing.
    6. The company is obliged:
    7. To notify the supplier of the corresponding medical services provider Within two (2) business days after receipt by the Client of the Preliminary Order,
    8. To receive and transmit all necessary information for the Service, such as accurate information, duplicates of required documents, etc. (required information, documentation, information is provided by the Supplier) to the Supplier.
    9. To inform the client that a reservation has been confirmed with the medical service provider within one (1) day by email.
    10. To Provide customer information only to the service provider and not to transfer to third parties.
  5. Client's rights and obligations
    1. The Client has the right:
    2. To terminate the agreement at any time by unanimously by informing the Company 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to the commencement of Services.
    3. To modify the date of receipt of the Service by informing the Company 15 (fifteen) calendar days prior to that date.
    4. The customer is obliged:
    5. To pay for services provided by the Contract in accordance with the procedure and timeframe specified in Clause 7 of the Contract.
    6. To pay the commission fee in accordance with the procedure and timeframe specified in Clause 7 of the Contract.
    7. To provide reliable and accurate information and documents required for obtaining the Proposal-Service.
    8. Provide GetTreated with its passport information.
    9. In addition to the service, previously provided by the Site, in case of receiving extra service on the spot from the Supplier, the Company shall pay the additional service charge and the relevant commission.
    10. to grant his or her consent to the use of the personal data by the Company.
  6. Prices for services
    1. Service prices are set in Armenian Drams and are presented on the Website with the possibility of recalculation in foreign currency at the average exchange rate of foreign currency formed in the currency market published by the Central Bank of Armenia as of that date.
    2. Value-added services may vary as a result of changing the Terms of Service provided by Suppliers. For example, the Client has previously enrolled in the Medical Service Order, but personal contact with the doctor showed that the Customer also has other problems without which the solution can not be completely healed.
  7. Payment order and commission fee
    1. The service payment is made in 2 (two) stages.
    2. At the moment of service provision, the Customer pays the Company 30% of the total price of the Service as a prepayment through the Payment System installed on the Site.
    3. The difference between the total amount of the service rendered by the Supplier and the Advance Payment paid by the Client shall be paid to the Company by the Client at the last day of receipt of the service through the bank transfer or through the Payment System installed on the Site.
    4. The commission paid by the Customer to the Company is 10% (five percent) of the total value of the services provided to the Customer, including VAT.
    5. The intermediary service is considered to be the day of delivery of the services to the Client by the Hosted Supplier. The Company and the Client shall provide the Intermediary Service with a Report as set out in Annex 1 to this Agreement.
    6. The Customer pays the Commission to the Company prior to the Client's last day of service, including via a bank transfer or payment system installed on the Site.
    7. In case of order cancellation by the Customer after acceptance by the Customer of the terms of the Contract, fixing the services and prepayment in the prescribed manner, the prepayment received by the Company as the Order of cancellation of the Order shall not be subject to a return policy.
  8. The Impact of Invincible Power (FORCE-MAJEURE)
    1. The parties are exempted from liability for failure to fully or partially discharge the obligations under the contract if it was caused by an insurmountable force that arose after the conclusion of the Treaty and which the parties could not anticipate or prevent. Such situations are: earthquake, flood, fire, war, declaration of martial law and state of emergency, political disturbances, strikes, termination of communications, acts of state bodies and so on, making impossible commitments under the Treaty. If the effects of extraordinary force continue for more than 3 (three) months, each of the parties shall have the right to terminate the Agreement by informing the other party in advance.
  9. Dispute resolution procedure
    1. Disputes arising out of the Agreement between the Parties shall be settled through direct negotiations of the Parties and, in case of non-consensus, by judicial procedure, in accordance with the Republic of Armenia’s legislation.
  10. Final Provisions
    1. The content of the agreement and the conditions set forth in the Site are fully in line with the party's identities.
    2. All issues not regulated by the Contract shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Armenia.
    3. The contract consists of two versions, in Armenian and English. In case of dispute, the Armenian language version shall have priority.

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