With rising healthcare costs and never-ending wait lines, it’s no wonder that the number of people seeking medical care abroad is exploding. An estimated 10 million people leave their home-country for treatment per year.

The GetTreated team understands that medical travelers just want to get their much-needed treatment over with as fast as possible, without breaking the bank. This is why we’ve curated an exclusive network of top quality medical professionals, working out of ultramodern clinics with the most cutting edge equipment available. Yet we guarantee that you’ll still be paying a fraction of what you pay back home. The best part? You’ll never have to wait for our doctors!






Prohibitive costs keeping the dentist away? GetTreated puts some of the best oral health professionals at your disposal to take all the stress out of confronting your dentist. Our World-Class surgeons can help you get the smile you need with top of the line implant technology, crowns, and more. Pick what you need out of our full list of dental services.

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GetTreated works with internationally-trained plastic surgeons to give you the look you want. GetTreated's treatment options and prices are listed on our site for full transparency. An online, fully confidential consultation call can easily be arranged with one of our doctors in order to determine eligibility. After that, it's as simple as booking treatment dates, flights and a hotel room!


Armenia's internationally renowned ophthalmologists offer the latest in LASIK technology without breaking the bank. Treatments typically require a patient to visit Armenia for 3 days, including the initial consultation, treatment, and post-op check up. It's literally possible to fly in to Yerevan for a weekend, and then come into work the next Monday with 20/20 vision.

Dr. Lazar K. Yessayan

General Stomatologist

Dean of the Faculty of Stomatology, Chief Dental Officer of the Republic of Armenia’s Ministry of Health, Head of the Department of Therapeutic and Family Stomatology, member of various methodological committees, a fellow of the “Academy of Dentistry International,” the president of the “Armenian Dental Association,” participant of various international congresses, conferences and master-classes. He has organised many International Congresses in Armenia. He takes an active role the training and teaching of the future generation of Armenian dental specialists. Dr. Yessayan is engaged in scientific work and is the author of more than eighty-three scientific articles and nine methodical manuals, the author and co-author of numerous innovative proposals and patents (copyright). He has received a number of state awards and medals.

Dr. Anna Mirabyan


Dr. Anna Mirabyan received her degree from the Yerevan State Medical University’s faculty of stomatology. She graduated cum laude and took advantage of events that were held in the University in order to enlarge her knowledges in practical activities. She completed her residency in stomatology in the sphere of Family and Therapeutic dentistry. She is currently expanding her expertise in Pediatric Dentistry. She is also member of the Armenian Dental Association. She took part in international and local conferences and master classes.

Yelena A. Malayan

Head of Diagnostic & laser treatment department

First time in Armenia implemented Excimer-Laser Correction (FRK) of astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia
First time in Armenia applied Excimer-Laser Correction of refraction disorders after cataract and keratoplasty surgeries
First time in Armenia implemented Laser treatment of astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia by new LASIK method
Keratokonus treatment by intrastromal corneal rings

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