1Ai Solutions 3D prints Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian

Posted on: 07-14-2016

Rafi Elliott


Reddit co-founder, and renowned Internet activist, Alexis Ohanian recently shared a peculiar Yahoo News article claiming that an obscure Yerevan-based IT startup, known as 1Ai Solutions has attempted to 3D print his likeness, christening their creation Avedis Ohanian. This 3d-printed doppelgänger was taught Internet advocacy, TED talk presentation skills and more with apparently limited success safe for comical effect.

Astute observers would have recognised the faces of 1A1 Solutions CEO JP Hagopian, and Research Lead Dr. Hrant Grigorian, as those of gettreated.co CEO Raffi Elliott and CTO Aram Khachikyan, who were participating in this clever promotional campaign for 1Armenia’s “Hye Tech Kids” fundraiser, in collaboration with the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITC).

As experts predict a shortage of up to 3000 IT professionals, such as software engineers, programmers, and so on in the next 3 to 4 years, despite unemployment levels in Armenia reaching as high as 15%, this initiative to train Armenian school children in IT skills at such a young age could not come any sooner!

Indeed, the promotional video ends with on a very persuasive note: since we cannot replicate talent, we need to train it.

The GetTreated team was very honoured to partner with 1Armenia for this project.  The organisers hope to raise approximately $ 58 000 to establish fully equipped computer and robotics labs in the regions of Armenia including Armenian-produced personal computers, and 3D printers to offer children a future in the high-performing, and generally more lucrative IT sector.

To help train the next generation of Armenian IT professionals and provide them with the necessary tools, please donate generously here.


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