5 tools that help us treat you in Armenia

Posted on: 07-24-2017

Rafi Elliott


We launched GetTreated back in 2014 with the mission of making affordable medical accessible to all. As we worked to perfect our online medical travel platform, we quickly discovered that the task of building patient comfort was not an easy one. Thankfully, it wasn’t necessary to re-invent the wheel. We managed to partner with a few Yerevan-based tech companies to help offer the best service to our visitors. Here is a list of 5 made-in-Armenia apps which help make the GetTreated experience that much smoother, safer, and more enjoyable for our patients:

5- Armphone keeps us connected

GetTreated brings a new standard of service to medical travel because we make a point of always being there for our patients. The Armphone helps us do that. This smartphone, designed and assembled locally in Yerevan is both affordably-priced and powerful enough to run all the applications our patients will need during their stay with us. Patients are issued this device upon arrival at the airport. They can then use the preinstalled apps to navigate the city, find places to eat or contact us at any time.

4- GG for logistics

Yerevan is a compact city where most distances are quite easily walkable. However, sometimes, our patients need to get from their hotel to their appointments quickly and efficiently. The simple-to-use GG app means that a reliable driver is always available at the touch of a button. We use GG’s spacious and clean cars to do everything from airport pickups to appointments, and even excursion. Our patient’s’ Armphones also come pre-equipped with the GG app which allows them to hail a car at moments notice to safely and conveniently reach a destination of their choice and pay online via credit card.

3- Never go hungry with Menu.am

Though most of our patients prefer to stay in one of our selection of boutique hotels, others prefer the comfort and freedom of renting their own apartment. For those who don’t like to cook after an operation, menu.am makes it easy to order in. The app, which patients can find on their Armphone, offers a selection of meals from Yerevan’s best restaurants at the touch of a button. Orders typically are delivered to your door within 40 minutes. The app also lets users order other things as well, such as groceries, medication, and more.

2- Secure file-sharing with BeSafe

GetTreated makes medical travel simple and safe by taking confidentiality seriously. The award-winning Yerevan-based Security-tech firm SkyCryptor provides encryption for our Cloud-based MedicalWallet. Patients can securely share sensitive medical information with their attending physicians in full compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

1- Low-bandwidth calling with Zangi

Another way that GetTreated makes medical Travel simple is by keeping in touch with our patients. We encourage medical travellers to download the Zangi Messenger app on their phones before their trip. The app, which boasts of full end-to-end encryption technology allows patients to quickly and confidentially contact us for any reason. Zangi’s low-bandwidth VoIP technology means that we get the calls from anywhere.



This short list covers just some of the Armenian apps that help us offer a unique and personalised medical travel experience to patients from around the World. No amount of technological innovation can make up for our devotion to patients, however. Find out how!

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