Dr. Anna Mirabyan


Dr. Anna Mirabyan received her degree from the Yerevan State Medical University’s faculty of stomatology. She graduated cum laude and took advantage of events that were held in the University in order to enlarge her knowledges in practical activities. She completed her residency in stomatology in the sphere of Family and Therapeutic dentistry. She is currently expanding her expertise in Pediatric Dentistry. She is also member of the Armenian Dental Association. She took part in international and local conferences and master classes.




Klanse Medical Dental Center was founded in 2008. Today the patients of our clinic can get any dental help in full capacity ranging from detailed multidisciplinary diagnostics to the planning of all stages up to the treatment with participation of hygienists, therapists, prosthodontists, surgeons, orthodontists, implantologists and dental technicians. The center is equipped with the most modern dental equipment and digital technologies for diagnostics. The clinic has a rule of bringing new equipment to Armenia every time there is a novelty in the sphere of dentistry. We provide cost-effective dental care – including all general dentistry, specialty, and advanced dental services – for children and adults who come to us from all walks of life. It also has its own diagnostics, particularly X-Ray and CT-scan.


Dental Consultation, Trearments planning
Bone Augmentation
Sinus Lift (close)
Sinus Lift (open)
Complete Denture
Removable Partial Denture
Gum Formation
Root Canal Filling
Root Canal Retreatment
Impacted Tooth Extraction
Tooth Extraction (difficult)
Tooth Extraction (simple)
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Teeth Whitening
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