Yelena A. Malayan

Head of Diagnostic & laser treatment department


The Malayan Eyecare Centre literally wrote the book on laser eye correction surgery in Armenia. They have been offering this life-changing treatment since the introduction of LASIK back in 2006. The secret is microkeratome-assisted application of an american-developed technology called Alcon. This makes it people for nearsighted, farsighted and people with astigmatisms to benefit from Lasik eye correction. This procedure offers some great advantages, including the lack of pain or discomfort, and a 24-hour recovery period. Patients are free to get back to their normal routine as early as the next day! Dr. Malayan and her team have performed over 4 800 laser visionc orrection procedures since 2008. They are amongst the best qualified, and most experienced doctors in Armenia. You’ll be well taken care of!


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