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Posted on: 09-03-2015

Rafi Elliott


The Inside Scoop On Medical Travel

A satisfied customers, Odette, was recently interviewed on the Quebec radio channel, 96.5 FM. She wanted to share her story about her experience in Armenia and with Get Treated Medical Travel. Odette was here for a period of two weeks, during her stay she received dental care (implants, fillings, and extractions) and was also shown all the treasures that Armenia has to offer with our personalized tour package.

After her trip she wanted to tell not only to her friends and family how her experience was, but she wanted to get the word out to as many people as possible that the medical travel option exists and works. Odette’s reason to choose medical travel is not a unique one, there are millions of people who simply can’t afford the cost of medical care in their home countries or cannot deal with the extremely long wait times involved in public healthcare. Odette, and Get Treated, wish to raise awareness of the medical travel option to offer a viable alternative to those that seek medical care, and also an opportunity to travel to new and wonderful places.

You can listen to the program in French at the link provided below.

Listen Here

We also want to thank Odette for choosing Get Treated and for going out of her way to spread the word about medical travel.

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