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Posted on: 02-05-2016

Rafi Elliott


GetTreated Invited to a Demonstration of Bredents New Dental Implant Technology

GetTreated was recently invited to attend a demonstration of Bredent‘s new Sky Fast dental implant installation technology in Armenia’s second largest city, Gyumri. The day started early with a short seminar on this technological breakthrough which allows implants to be installed, as well as for crowns to be designed and fitted within a single day; a great improvement on traditional implant technology.

This was followed by a live demonstration, where guests from Armenia, Georgia, and Canada were able to watch the talented Dr. Galstyan perform a difficult operation in Gyumri’s state-of-the-art Bredent-Equipped dental clinic.

The successful completion of the operation was followed by a celebration, which included large amounts of Armenian cognac, delicious pastries, and seemingly-endless toasts to health, advances in the dental field, and to Armenian-Georgian friendship, in true caucasian tradition.

Attendees, which included a patient from Canada, were then treated to a walking tour of Gyumri’s historic city-centre, and ended the day at the renowned “Cherkezi-Dzor” fish restaurant where good times were shared by all.

I was also interviewed by Gala TV, Gyumri’s local television channel. The interview can be watched here starting at the 3 minute 19 second mark (In Armenian):




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