GetTreated hits Dubai

Posted on: 11-18-2016

Rafi Elliott


Making our mark in Dubai:

The GetTreated team took part in the 2 day International Medical Travel Exhibition & Conference in Dubai (IMTEC) last month, which took place on the 9-10th of October.

Now in its 4th year running, the IMTEC gathered over 120 exhibitors from across the Middle-East and the whole world. With world-class facilities, Dubai has been trying to showcase itself to the World as a first-rate medical tourism hub.

We shared our expertise in the field with other participants and learned a lot about the medical travel experience from other facilitators operating across the World.

New ways to perfect your experience:

Who would have guessed that medical travel experience design is a thing? Turns out, it is. Patrick Ladbury, Business Development Director at Uscreates shared his expertise in behavioural science and social marketing to compliment Uscreates’ design-led approach to the medical travel experience.

He emphasises the importance of understanding patient behaviour when travelling for medical reasons when rethinking the tourist experience. He insists that everything from the medical travel provider’s interaction with the patient to the interior design of the facilities offer have a huge impact on patients.

“The secret to a successful medical travel experience”, he claims, “is for the facilitator to go through every step of the process, and solve any minute issue that the patient might come across before it ever happens”. We always love it when our patients notice the little touches we add, to make the experience as fun as possible.

Our participation in the Master Classes offered during the exhibition was especially important because it helped us discover ground-breaking advances in medical travel facilitation. We also explored new ways to offer better, and more affordable service to our incoming guests.

GetTreated’s trip to Dubai has also lead to some interesting discussion with local partners, so stay tuned for news on that!

GetTreated at IMTEC Dubai
GetTreated at IMTEC Dubai
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