GetTreated is now part of Impact Hub!

Posted on: 03-28-2016

Rafi Elliott


The GetTreated staff is settling into our new space at Yerevan’s recently opened branch of Impact Hub, and we can already feel our creative juices flowing. The introduction of a health disruption startup into this diverse community means that the Hub now contains representatives of almost every sector of Armenian society. Being part of a community of impact-minded startups, NGOs, established companies and other change makers will hopefully help us deliver even better service to our patients, as we strive to improve our technology and user experience. Within hours of being here, we have already identified numerous paths for cooperation with other impact makers in the Hub.

For those who don’t know, Impact Hub is a  global network of hubs which foster entrepreneurship, idea incubation, business development and offers co-working spaces. In January of this year, Yerevan became one of 80 cities across the world to host its own Impact Hub, assembling a community of Armenia’s best innovators, thinkers, doers and impact-makers. You can find out more about Impact Hub Yerevan here.

Our new office is only part of a series of exciting changes that GetTreated will be implementing over the coming months. Refinements will include a sleeker and more user-friendly platform to ensure that you find the best treatment for your needs,  the introduction of a peer-reviewed ranking system allowing doctors and patients to comment on their experiences to facilitate the process for future patients, as well as special discount packages for certain types of medical tourism.

We are also hard at work adding new and exciting destinations, tour partnerships, as well as new treatment options to better suit your needs using our rigorous selection process.

With this, GetTerated reaffirms its commitment to impact our access to excellent quality healthcare at affordable prices and reasonable timetables. Stay tuned as we roll out the above-stated improvements and more over the coming months.

We are happy to be part of this new community, but time to get back to having an impact on your Health!

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