5 reasons to visit a dentist in Armenia this summer

Posted on: 05-24-2017

Rafi Elliott


The secret is out!

More and more are coming to experience Armenia’s rich history, culture, and legendary hospitality. In 2016, almost a million and a half tourists visited this tiny mountainous country on Europe’s frontier. Armenia expects this number to double by the end of this year. Increasingly, visitors to Armenia’s medieval monasteries, untouched nature and cultural attractions, are also stopping by for some much-needed world-class dental treatments.

Here are 5 reasons why you should visit a dentist in Armenia this summer:


1- Access to some of the World’s best dental care

We’ve already mentioned the disproportionate contribution that Armenians have made to the medical field. This culture of innovation is apparent in Armenia. Yerevan’s Medical University boasts of one of the most prestigious dental schools in Eastern Europe, and this tradition of excellence continues. Armenian dental implantologists are renowned for their unparalleled precision and professionalism. For most, education doesn’t end after graduation. The best dentists continuously keep up to date with the dental procedures. They attend seminars and classes in Germany, the United States and France.


2- Quick and easy

The dental technology available in Armenia is surprisingly far more advanced than then equipment the dentist down your street has in his clinic. Armenian dentists make use of sophisticated 3D imaging technology to pinpoint patient needs, and offer precise treatment plans. State-of-the-art implant technology makes it possible for patients who are short on time, to have all their implants installed in a single day. 24 hour recovery times mean that you won’t even upset your holiday plans.


3- Unbelievably affordable

Medical travellers to Armenia are often pleasantly surprised to hear how affordable treatments are here. Complicated dental surgeries in Armenia sometimes cost less than a third of what Canadian or American patients typically spend. This is partially because Armenia’s lower import costs, and administrative expenses make it possible for dental clinics to purchase the latest in German medical technology before their American counterparts do.


4- Get more done

There’s no more excuse to put off that much-needed dental visit. It’s as easy as meeting with your dentist, discussing your treatment plan, and getting comfortable in your chair. Take care of implants, root canals, cavities or any other neglected, yet much-needed treatment. Patients can even combine care with other options, such as full checkups, spa treatments and more.


5- Vacation in Armenia

Armenia is a small but proud country that continues to show how much it has to offer. This sense of determination drives its people to succeed. Incoming medical travelers are a great way for Armenians to put their unparalleled expertise to work, at the service of the entire World. Patients won’t miss some of Armenia’s most unique traditions, like Vartavar, or witness Yerevan’s famous fountain shows. Armenian dentists are always happy to see guest leaving their country with a smile. If you’re planning to visit Armenia this summer, why not get that dental work out of the way at the same time?

Check out this interview with Dr. Christina Grigorian to learn more about getting dental treatment in Armenia.

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