5 Mistakes to avoid when searching for medical treatment abroad

Posted on: 04-04-2017

Rafi Elliott



With the Affordable Care Act on the chopping board, and never-ending average hospital wait times in Canada and Europe, healthcare seems less and less accessible. Almost 2 million Americans alone are already searching for more affordable treatment options abroad. They join countless Europeans similarly looking for quick care. Medical tourism’s growing popularity doesn’t come without its downsides. Medical travelers may have apprehensions about seeking treatment in developing countries due to safety and quality concerns. That being said, you can easily find affordable, high-quality treatment options abroad if you avoid these 5 common mistakes:

1- Not doing your research

The prospect of saving tens of thousands of dollars on dental implants abroad may sound too good to be true. Before jumping on such an opportunity, however, it’s worth taking the time to do your research. You wouldn’t fork over your hard-earned money to the first person you met who promised you a great investment opportunity, so why risk that with your health?

Finding a reputable clinic abroad without the opportunity to evaluate it first hand can be tough. You may not even know what to look for when doing this research. International certification? Reputation? price? Medical Travel facilitators who do uphold quality are usually upfront about their costs and provide testimonials. In certain cases, you can even contact previous patients to discuss their experience with the service.

Don’t forget to get informed about the type of treatment you’re planning on undergoing beforehand. This way, it’s easier for you to make sure your doctor knows what he or she is doing. A good way to make sure you’re getting right treatment is getting a consultation back home first and comparing the treatment plans.

2- Understand the risks

Safety should come before savings in any patient’s mind. This is why medical travelers should always be suspicious of amazing discounts for treatment abroad. If it sounds too cheap to be true, there may be a reason for that.

Any treatment entails risks, regardless of where it’s performed or how qualified the surgeon is. There are ways to mitigate these risks, however. A medical traveler should be sure to research the surgeon which will be treating them. Make sure to choose a clinic with a strong track record. You should also opt for non-invasive, or minimally invasive procedures when available. When getting dental implants, you could always ask what material the dentist is using.

3- Insurance

Medical insurance can go a long way in reassuring you before your medical travel. A number of insurance companies do cover the cost of treatment abroad. In other cases, responsible medical travel firms will offer their own medical or travel insurance for incoming patients. GetTreated, for instance, can offer short-term medical insurance coverage upon request. Make sure to compare coverage plans to make an informed choice.

4- The real cost of some treatments

Affordability is a major factor when traveling for medical treatment. No one wants to be surprised with a hefty medical bill. Your treatment plan is always subject to change once you have your in-person consultation with a medical professional. Your doctor can’t anticipate everything with only a virtual consultation. However, a good estimate should still give you an accurate prediction of the cost per treatment type.  Make sure the treatment cost also includes recovery time in the clinics, meals, and material. Everything should add up!

Another unforeseen cost that medical travelers should anticipate is the cost of fixing botched operations. Though traveling abroad for treatment can be very rewarding, in some cases, ‘affordable’ doesn’t always translate into ‘high quality’. An entire side-industry has developed in developed countries specializing on repairing botched work for returning patients. This can often cost more for patients, and the medical system in their home country as well.

5- Not weighing your options

Your health is what’s most important. This should always be the primary factor when weighing in your medical travel decisions. Clinics that offer unbelievably low prices for treatments should raise some red flags. The same can be said of clinics which don’t have a big online presence or any reviews. Reach out to previous patients, ask them how things went. Make sure to find the right equilibrium for the right treatment at the right price. Make sure the savings are worth it!


Medical travel is a growing phenomenon. Well-planned medical travel can change lives. That’s why the need to objectively vet and compare clinics abroad in terms of quality of equipment, standards, quality of care, and service is extremely important. The medical travel booking platform, GetTreated helps patients safely find, compare, plan and book their entire medical travel experience in one place. GetTreated helps eliminate any stress or confusion related to medical travel with its 24-hour patient support and virtual concierge service.


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